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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Frustrating painting experience

Wow, I really hate enamel marine paint. It's very touchy stuff. I used a good brush and tipped it as best I could. I've found that tipping with a foam brush helps me to get a smooth coat.

But this stuff did not apply well at all. I got lots of sagging even with tipping. Maybe I tried to layer it on too thick.
I'm going to have to wait a few days, then sand it all down to about where I had it before with the primer. This time, I'll try a roller and will maybe try a thinner coat. This is disappointing as I wanted to have one part of the boat done, even if it was just the rudder.
sags & runs galore

more sags & runs
I was able to paint the areas previously primed. They don't look great, but I'm not as worried about these areas because they are under hatches and not visible.

Painted the wells and the cabin.
I have proved to myself that I need some serious practice with this enamel paint. I should do the centerboard just for practice. I had planned to leave it graphite black, but it would give my some good practice.


  1. I think you will find satisfaction with a roller and then tipping lightly with a dry-ish brush or foam brush. What paint are you using? Thin very slightly with approved thinner may help you; trial and error. Penetrol, Interlux 333, Petit 120. Urethane Enamel & One-part Polyurethane enamel paints do not like Penetrol.

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