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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Busy weekend

Friday night I finally got around to doing some boat work.
I cut out the spot for the electrical panel above the port side B3 hatch. Then I glued in some doublers.
I'm sloppy with my doublers. Don't laugh.
Electrical switch panel

shot from the fore

Saturday I woke up and had to do some work on the neighborhood signs. That took until mid-afternoon.

Then I took Quincy to the video game store to swap out some old video games and stop at West Marine for a battery fuse. It was incredibly expensive for a battery terminal fuse, but I feel more comfortable having a fuse right at the battery.
I also picked up some crimp terminals while I was there. The book recommends a special marine crimp terminal and heat shrink. I think I have everything for electrical now, I just need to execute my plan.
While there, I took a look at anchors. While I think I could build an anchor box, I think it's a better idea to use the hatches behind B3 as anchor storage. I think I will put in an anchor rode storage just like on Simeon's Noddy. That was convenient although it takes awhile to roll it all in there. I'll make mine a bit deeper than the one on Noddy.

Saturday evening I went to a concert. I accomplished nothing on the boat on Saturday.

Sunday, I woke up with every intention of priming the rudder top and the entire area behind B3. But during sanding of the rudder top, I wasn't sure if I sanded through to the wood. I wanted to make sure that was well coated. I re-coated it. I actually like the way it looks, I just wanted one more coat over a couple areas. I also kind of liked the 410 fairing mix. It sanded easily.

And while sanding the doublers for the electric panel, I definitely sanded through. And I realized that I needed a second coat anyway.
And I realized I needed to fillet inside the gap for the mast box and a couple other small spots.
So I painted and filleted for awhile. That was productive, but it meant I couldn't prime at all until it cured.

So instead I cut the sole pieces.

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