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Friday, October 31, 2014

Preparing for sole glue down; electrical mounting

Tonight, I painted under the aft sole piece.
Paint, not primer

I also touched up the underside of the sole with epoxy. It's now had 2 very thick coats and 3 around the edges of the doubler. Tomorrow sometime, I'll make sure the paint is dry in the well, then I'll glue it down. I'll use 5 gallon buckets filled with water for weights.
Underside of aft sole. The doubler plate will have a hatch

I had made up my mind last night about the electrical components and where to mount them, but I needed a doubler plate to make sure that the screws don't go all the way through. Tonight, I found a piece of scrap from a hatch that was just about perfect. I had to figure out how to glue that in; I just abused a couple clamps.
I used a whole tube of 610 epoxy for the floor plates in the foot well, I've used about a 1/2 tube for the sole doubler above and the plate below. I'm going to need some to glue down the sole doubler. I better buy some more.
The plate is pushed in with spreaders

Further away shot. You can see it will be a mounting plate
I'll have to fillet that plate tomorrow sometime. I'll coat it more when I coat inside the seat wells.

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