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Friday, October 10, 2014

Caught up

Most of the pictures up to now haven't been live; I had taken them awhile ago and was posting older photos with a description. Tonight, I finally caught up. I put coat number 2 of epoxy on the sanded surfaces behind B3, the ballast well and over the new hatch doublers.
Shiny new epoxy
You can see the cleat that will hold up the sole in the front. There is another one on the port side, but you can't see it.
back of the hatch

looking through the seat at the transom doubler.
This weekend, I plan to put on a 3rd coat of epoxy then prime the rudder foil and maybe the rudder head as well if it's ready. I think that will need some micro balloon fairing.
I also plan to do some more sanding under the seats and maybe I can get a 2nd & 3rd coat of epoxy in there.
I'll need to do some planning around the batteries and electrical as well.

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