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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fixing centerboard oops

The next morning after re-drilling the holes, I found this.

Filled the old 1/4" holes and the bushing hole.
Then I realigned the guide plate and re-drilled the 3/4" bushing hole.
It worked!
This time the bolt [in went right through. It worked.
You can see in the above picture that the bushing is on backwards. The flange should be on the inside.

But the trunk was too narrow to fit my hand in there to insert the bushings. I needed a stick to put them down in. I took the chunk of white oak off my stick and drilled it with a 1" hole, the size of the flange.
insertion tool
With this, I was able to insert the bushings. I scored them up a bit then put glue on them and inserted. I wanted to press them in, so I rigged up a simple cam that I could turn to press in the bushing.
simple cam for pressing bushings

An unclear shot down the trunk.

the bushings sat just proud of the surface on the inside

and the outside
The last thing I had to do was the fill in the plates in preparation for using them as caps.

Put packing tape on them, flip them over.

And fill with epoxy

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