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Monday, October 20, 2014

hull doubler glued down and filleted

Last night I went back out and glued down the doubler and the tripler. It took an entire tube of 6-10 and about 10 pumps to get it all painted and glued.

I didn't get a picture, but I put two 5 gallon buckets of water and a case of 7 12x18 tiles on top of it to weight it down. I checked it this evening when I got home and it had a nice curve to it. Exactly what I wanted.

I wanted to get it filleted tonight while the other glue was still curing for a nice bond. I mixed up some filleting mix and got to work.
Hull doubler is down. I haven't painted the top piece yet

All the way to the stern.
I hadn't filleted in much of the last area between B7 & B8, so I got that. Now I know the last 2 chambers are ready for the last 2 coats of epoxy and then a coat of primer and finally paint.

I made up my mind yesterday that I should mask off the areas just under where the seats will stop. Then I can prime up to that point. When I put the seats on there will be a nice surface to grab and I can even put a small fillet in there. That will mean much of the area under the veranda will be unfinished. I kind of like the idea of working my way backward and finishing up each section, but pragmatism might be the word of the day.

I haven't cut my sleeping bed piece yet. Maybe this weekend.

A note about filleting mix: I liked the stuff Howard had recommended. It was a strange purple color, but it was smooth. I had a bag of wood flour left over from my old pygmy kayak build. I had mixed up my own filleting mix from 405, wood flour and a bit of cab-o-sil. My mixture is nice and hard, but dried to a rough texture that I didn't like. Tonight I added some 410, not a lot. That really smoothed the mixture out. I like the fillets in the foot well. They'll be nice and smooth after I touch them up with a gloved hand dipped in alcohol.

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