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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Electrical and priming the aft sole well

Since i have the battery well primed and painted, I can start to install the electrical. I have been crimping connections in my idle time, but haven't really completely prepared for this.
Tonight, I mocked up the install. I put in the battery case and mounted most of the components with double sided sticky tape. Most importantly, I verified that I can get the battery in and out of the well through the hatch.
Everything  in a mess. It won't be when it is all in place.
The battery sits at the back of the compartment in it's case. The strap goes over the case to hold it in place. The white jacketed wire with the grommet stuck on it is the 10AWG wire that goes up to the switches on the front of B3.

The battery connections
The battery has a terminal lug 75A fuse that cost a pretty penny at West Marine. I hope it doesn't blow because it's not a cheap replacement. You can also see the red/black pair that is the battery charger connection. The dipole connection is just out of the frame. It's the one that looks like a flat trailer connector with 2 opposing bullet connectors. I'll modify my charger to remove the clamps and add the mating connector.

Mains switch, bus bar and motor controller

There is a red 300A switch that is the mains switch. A positive/negative bus bar comes off the switch.  The bottom 2 leads are from the battery -- the negative goes straight to the battery, the positive goes through the switch.
The green wires are positive leads that connect to the white jacketed pair that go up to the switch panel.

The motor controller
Here is the motor controller. It's rather heavy, so I want it mounted low. I'm going to have to drill 2 holes for the wire that goes to the motor and the wired remote control. Those will go into the port seat and will then have to route back. That means the motor will be mounted on the port side of the transom.
Primed the aft hatch
Also tonight, I primed the aft hatch. I didn't get a picture, but I coated the bottom of the sole there one time. My plan is to glue that down later this week and cut the hatch later. I'll be hopping in and out of the boat for the foreseeable future and I don't want to come down hard on the sole and break it.
I should have thought about that for the other sole hatches, but they don't see as much foot traffic.

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